What You Need to Know About CEs

Questions to Ask Your CE Provider

As with any product or service, each CE provider has a different background, credentials etc. The following questions were designed to assist you in your comparison to locate a provider that best matches your CE needs.

What is a CEU?

CEU stands for “Continuing Education Unit” that many healthcare professionals require for licensure purposes. Social workers, case managers, nurses, discharge planners, physical therapists, occupational therapists, counselors and a variety of other medical professionals must obtain a certain amount of “CE” credits in order to maintain their licensure. Depending on the specific healthcare discipline, CE credits may be referred to as "contact hours", "clock hours", or similar terms.

What criteria/background is important for someone who plans CE events for healthcare professionals?

CEU Creations President, Anne McSweeney and many of her team members are Licensed Masters of Social Work in the state of Georgia. Social workers must obtain 35 credit hours of CEs every 2 years in order to maintain licensure. As a company, CEU Creations' team members have attended a combined total of almost 500 CE hours over 25 years. Attending all of these CE events first-hand, provides CEU Creations with a unique perspective as we create and plan our own CE events. We are extremely aware of topics, speakers, timeframes and venues that will attract your target audience of social workers, case managers, discharge planners and other healthcare professionals.

Who attends your CE events and why do they attend?

Social workers, case managers, nurses and other healthcare professionals that hold a license in the state of Georgia are required to obtain a certain number of “continuing education hours” (CE hours) every few years in order to maintain their license. In addition, CEU Creations’ events contain such valuable information and resources–there are also many healthcare professionals who attend for the information alone (even if they are not required to maintain a license). Some of the healthcare professionals who attend our events include: hospital social workers/case managers/discharge planners, medical social workers, mental health social workers, nurses, licensed professional counselors, physical therapists, nursing home staff and other healthcare professionals. Our events are uniquely tailored to reach your target audience!

How many attendees do your CE events typically attract?

While we cannot guarantee the number of attendees at a specific event , over the past year, CEU Creations’ events have averaged 85 attendees per event. Our 2 largest full-day CE events in 2014 each had over 140 attendees.

How often do you update/change your database? How much has it grown over the past year?

Through her work at CEU Creations – Anne is constantly out in the community - interfacing with her peers and other social workers/case managers/discharge planners around the greater Atlanta area and letting them know about her CE events. In fact, over the past year, our database has grown by almost 80%.

Have your CE topics/presentations ever been featured in local, Professional Conferences?

Yes - CEU Creations’ topics are so relevant and timely to our current healthcare/professional climate – that that have been proudly featured in numerous conferences including:

  • National Association of Social Work/GA Chapter (NASW GA) Annual Conference: 2006-2014
  • In 2014, Anne developed 4 different topics/presentations that were selected as part of NASW GA’s Annual Conference.
  • American Case Management Society/GA Chapter (ACMA – GA) Annual Conference
  • Case Management Society of American/GA Chapter (CMSA – GA) Annual Conference
  • Georgia Medical Director’s Summer Symposium (2011)
  • GA Hospice and Palliative Care’s Annual Conference (2011 and 2012)

Have your CE topics/presentations ever been featured in National Professional Conferences?

Yes - The American Case Management Society’s National Conference (2011) in Orlando, FL featured a topic that Anne helped to create. The topic was so well received and pertinent to the group - that it was actually featured twice in the same day (as multiple break-out sessions) to maximize the number of attendees.

Have you ever presented at a CE event?

Yes - Anne has presented at multiple local and national CE events and conferences on the topics of: Ethical Decision Making in Complex Cases, Ethical Decision Making in End of Life Cases, The Role of a Social Worker at an Elder Law Firm and various other topics. She has also moderated several panels including a legislative panel (including GA Senators and Representatives) over Healthcare Reform and a social work panel over Care Transitions.

How does CEU Creations develop topics and choose speakers for their CE events?

CEU Creations works very hard to develop CE topics that are innovative and relevant to the current healthcare and medical climate. Because of the topics that we choose to create – our educational events are on the cutting edge of what healthcare professionals are concerned about. Due to our high exposure, visibility, years of clinical experience/medical networks – we are able to bring in speakers who are the top experts in their fields. For example, with a Healthcare Reform CE event – we brought in Anton Gunn, Regional Director of the Region IV Area of Department of Health and Human Services. In that same CE event, we also had a panel of distinguished senators, representatives and other GA legislators. We also had Aimee Copeland (featured on Katie Couric and CNN) as a keynote speaker at one of our events as well.

Have your CE events ever had press coverage?

Yes - CEU Creations’ events have received educational notoriety and press exposure. CEU Creations' events have been proudly featured in GA Health News Daily and Atlanta Hospital News.