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2014 CEU Concepts Holiday CEU Event

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CEU Concepts annual holiday CEU event was another great event. With more than 225 registered participants, CEU Concepts was able to host a great holiday event with the help of our sponsors. We had door prizes, a photo booth, and a great CEU presentation.

The CEU presenter was Sean Allen, the founder of Culture Stick.

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HOPE for Steve Fundraiser and CEU a success

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CEU Concepts recently held a CEU fundraising event for HOPE for Steve. The CEU at St. Joseph’s Hospital featured a screening of the “Hope for Steve” documentary and a conversation with Hope and Steve Dezember.

In August of 2011, Steve Dezember II was diagnosed with ALS, otherwise known as Lou Gehrig's Disease. ALS is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. The disorder is characterized by rapidly progressive weakness, muscle atrophy and fasciculations, muscle spasticity, difficulty speaking, difficulty swallowing, and decline in breathing ability.

As healthcare professionals, social workers, nurses, and case managers interact with many different patients and families on a daily basis – many with personal stories that move us and inspire us to live life to the fullest. As we travel these personal journeys with our patients, we become better people (both personally and professionally)—able to help other patients more fully and to rally around causes that we believe so strongly.  During this CEU presentation, participants took a closer look at one of these inspiring stories of courage, love, inspiration and HOPE. Hope and Steve are a young couple that are facing many challenges as Steve battles ALS.  When Steve was diagnosed, they decided to document their journey with this disease – as a way to live life to the fullest and spread awareness of this horrible disease.  After watching the documentary, engaged in a discussion with Hope and Steve – covering different topics such as how they learned to cope (and live vibrantly!) with a terminal diagnosis, caregiving triumphs and challenges and how their support system (family/friends and healthcare professionals) assist them on this journey.

The event was very powerful. In addition to Hope and Steve, Steve’s parents came as well and mentioned their appreciation and said that of all of the events they’ve done – this one was the most beneficial as it reached the healthcare professionals to help other patients.  In addition, the healthcare professionals learned of many resources to help other patients – Hope and Steve were a wealth of information.

Here are some of the comments from participants: “Incredible,” “I would have never imagined that this presentation would affect me in this miraculous way,” and “I am a changed person – what a tremendous gift has been given to us with this couples’ life.”

Hope and Steve with Anne McSweeney

CEU Concepts had a wonderful time exhibiting and presenting at the CMSA-GA Annual Conference this past Sat, 9/20.  CEU Concepts was a sponsor and also collaborated to assist CMSA-GA with several presentations.  Elder Law Attorney, Michelle Koufman presented her popular “Ethics and Elder Mediation” topic.  The final session of the day was a presentation that CEU Concepts developed in 2013 – focusing on patients’ successes to overcome compassion fatigue.  Anne McSweeney, LMSW was honored and humbled to be a co-moderator of this session which consisted of an interview with the amazing and inspiring Aimee Copeland.

Aimee Copeland and Anne McSweeney Aimee Copeland and Anne McSweeney

On September 12th, CEU Concepts and Peachford collaborated on a CEU “An Overview of the 1013 & Guardianship Process with Ethical Considerations”.  We had a packed house for this CEU event which started out with Laura Jalbert, LCSW of Mindful Transitions presented information on the latest updates of the 1013 and ethical considerations.  This presentation was followed by Peachford team members and Central EMS presenting a “hands on” session of what the 1013 process “looks like” – from transport to hospitalization.  Finally, elder law attorney Cindy Nelson of Nelson Elder Care Law provided great information about the guardianship process – even applying it to mental health patients that may need a guardian.  It was a day full of great education and learning!

Laura Jalbert at Peachford Laura Jalbert at Peachford

CEU Concepts Team Member CEU Concepts Team Member

CEU Concepts is growing, and we recently had our first live event in Alabama! We believe that we have a really successful model for providing quality events for participants and sponsors. We love being able to provide quality CEUs for social workers, case managers, and nurses.

Lesandrini Conflict

Jason Lesandrini, an ethicist with Grady Health System, presented an ethics CEU on conflict at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta’s Scottish Right.

Lesandrini challenged participants to determine their personal styles of resolving conflict: competing, collaborating, compromising, avoiding, or accommodation. He discussed when these conflict styles could be positive.

The presentation also addressed how information is communicated during a conflict. He reviewed the importance of body language and using active listening skills. He stressed the importance of listening with the intent to understand, recognizing your use of primary listening, and developing skills of empathic listening.

During the presentation, Lesandrini discussed the roadblocks that practitioners can create by their words and approaches to addressing conflict. He discussed the differences between positions and interests, and he explained how helpful it could be to getting at interests and avoiding positions when working towards a resolution.

The presentation was made possible by our sponsors: Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Harbor Grace Hospice, and Prosper Home Care.

Anne McSweeney with CEU Concepts and speaker Aimee Copelan Anne McSweeney with CEU Concepts and speaker Aimee Copeland

CEU Concepts was honored to host a holiday CEU Event with Aimee Copeland at Villa Christina.

Aimee received national attention after she was diagnosed with a rare and dangerous flesh eating bacteria after a zip lining accident. She lost both hands and one of her legs as a result.  Katie Couric, ABC News, CNN and other media programs have featured segments on Aimee’s positive attitude and journey to regain independence. After months of rehab and recovery, she returned to her educational goals and completed a Psychology degree in July of 2013. Aimee is currently at Valdosta State University pursing a master’s degree in Social Work and developing her future plan to open a holistic center for people with disabilities.

During the CEU, Aimee was interviewed by Catherine Baer, LPC and wellness coach. Catherine addressed the topic of compassion fatigue and how this can affect a clinician’s practice. She discussed how a patient’s attitude can greatly impact their health outcomes. Catherine had Aimee speak on her personal outlook and attitude. Aimee has said she preferred the term “differently abled” instead of handicapped or disabled. During the question and answer portion of the CEU, Aimee provided candid and honest responses.

For this event, CEU Concepts expanded our participant base by partnering with the Case Management Society of America’s Atlanta chapter. CEU Concepts is looking forward to a continued partnership with this professional organization.

This event would not have been possible without sponsorship from these organizations:

Diamond Sponsor:  Family Private Care_large

Platinum Sponsors: Aging Options, Assisted Choice, Atlanta Oxygen, and Homestead Hospice

Gold/Silver Sponsors:  Assisted Living Locators, Care You Deserve Medical Equipment, Coram, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Crossroads Hospice, Critical Care Medflight, Fountainview Center, Fischer Funeral Care, FODAC, Gentiva, HandyPRO, Hurley Elder Care Law, Kadan, LivHome, Manor Care Health Services, Metro Atlanta, Mindful Transitions, Senior Care Options, Sunrise Senior Living, Senior Service North Fulton, and Vitas Hospice.

She described the four broad categories of assistive technology for older adults: safety technologies, health and wellness technologies, social connectedness technologies, and electronic documentation technologies. The technologies can lessen the strains on family caregivers, reduce isolation for older adults, and improve health outcomes. These new technologies can increase independence and allow the older adult to age in place.

During the presentation, Sweeney demonstrated several different programs available to senior clients, including SimpleC, AMAC and the MedSmart, Grand Care Systems, and Independa. Participants were able to see how easy the technologies are to use and to get a sense of how they could be used in an older adult’s home.

A big thank you to Christine Sweeney and our sponsors for making this event possible: Arbor Terrace of Crabapple, Assisted Living Locators, CYD Medical Equipment,  Homestead Hospice, and LivHOME.

Attendees Attendees

The Third Annual Healthcare Reform Symposium was held on August 29, 2013, at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta. CEU Concepts was proud to collaborate with Georgians for a Healthy Future to host the event: Navigating the New Waters of the Affordable Care Act.

Erin Brown, a professor at Georgia State College of Law, kicked off the day by providing an overview and timeline of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). She touched on the act’s goals, brief history, and main provisions. Amanda Ptashkin, Outreach & Advocacy Director for Georgians for a Healthy Future, provided an overview of how the ACA would affect Georgia.

The ACA protects women from certain discriminatory health insurance practices and attempts to improve health outcomes for women by making preventative health services more accessible and affordable. Janelle Yamarick of the Feminist Women’s Health Center discussed how these provisions would impact clients and patients.

TeleHealth’s Matt Jansen provided information on innovative new ways technology is impacting health care. He described some of the recent innovations and benefits of the telehealth field. He also discussed different programs and state-wide initiatives.

Dr. Kimberly Rask, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Quality Improvement Organization for the State of Georgia, presented on 30-day re-admissions and the ACA. She discussed the ACA’s specific rules around the 30-day re-admissions as well as the penalties. She also shared information on how the readmission data is collected and how the penalties are determined. Dr. Rask also discussed ways for health care systems and partners to collaborate to prevent unnecessary re-admissions.

Linda Lowe with Georgia Legal Services Program and Matt Hicks, vice president of government relations at Grady Hospital, provided an overview of Medicaid Expansion in Georgia. They emphasized the need for continued advocacy for the GA Medicaid expansion. They also addressed how hospital systems may be impacted if the Medicaid expansion is not approved in Georgia.

CEU Concepts and Georgians for a Healthy Future would also like to thank the event's sponsors: Aging Options, Atlanta Oxygen and Medical Equipment, Bickford Senior Living, Dignity Memorial, the Fountainview Center, Guardian Home Care and Hospice, Kadan Homecare, Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service, and St. Joseph's Hospital.

MaryLea, President of NAIPC - Atlanta Chapter and Anne MaryLea, President of NAIPC - Atlanta Chapter and Anne

Engaged crowd!! Engaged crowd!!

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Ghandi

CEU Concepts, NAIPC (National Aging in Place Council - Atlanta Chapter) and Somerby proudly collaborated on a widely popular CEU on Friday, May 10th.  The topic for the day was "Change:  Changing Attitudes, Approaches and Culture to Empower Ourselves and Our Clients".  Kim McRae, co-founder of the Culture Change Network of GA started (and also wrapped up!) our day of learning.  Her enthusiastic and energetic personality was contagious and really engaged the audience.  Following her presentation, Doug Lueder of Americare Home Care, Ann Rosenthal, President of ARC, Inc and Allison Smith of the GA Women's Policy Institute - all spoke to the group about how to be agents of change and change bills/laws (all speaking from experience and a first hand perspective).  Dr. Marshall Nash had a very popular segment on "The Changing World of Alzheimer's Research" and what is going on in some clinical trials.  Finally, Linda Ellis, Executive Director of the Health Initiative, Inc was another crowd favorite as she presented a very thought-provoking session on "Changing Practices to Provide Culturally Competent Services for the LGBT Aging Community".  The different members of NAIPC-Atlanta Chapter held a "Resource Fair" which is also popular with the participants - so, that they are able to mingle with the different resources and learn about how they can help their clients/families.

Registration and Resource Fair Registration and Resource Fair


Enjoying Allison Smith's presentation - her background is social work!!  Enjoying Allison Smith's presentation - her background is social work!!


Wonderful group of friends and colleagues Wonderful group of friends and colleagues


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Thought-Provoking Transplant Ethics CEU

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David Gerber presents on the ethical dilemmas of organ and tissue donation at Kennestone Hospital. David Gerber presents on the ethical dilemmas of organ and tissue donation at Kennestone Hospital.

Many participants in David Gerber’s “Transplant Ethics” CEU found his presentation interesting and useful on both a personal and professional level. The presentation presented four different ethical dilemmas around organ transplantation—including financial issues, eligibility, social compliance, and the ethical issues of hope. Participants found the group discussion particularly insightful. Gerber also offers a unique perspective on this issue as a transplant recipient himself.

Gerber’s professional area of interest is medical ethics and organ/tissue donation specifically. He has more than 25 years in the medical field. He currently serves as a chaplain with Avalon Hospice in the Nashville area. He is the co-founder and chief blogger of Wellspring Transplant Support blog:

Thank you to our sponsors: Ability Rehab, Aging Options, Bickford Senior Living, Coram Infusion Services, Kadan Homecare, and Regency Hospice.

Almost 100 social workers, case managers, and other clinicians participated in an ethics CEU on the topic of moral distress presented by Jason Lesindrini, MA.

Lesindrini and participants explored the fundamental differences between emotional distress and moral distress. Moral distress implies a loss of personal value or integrity. Moral distress may occur in situations where a clinician knows the right thing to do, but they are incapable of taking appropriate action for some reason.  Lesindrini discussed the long-term personal impact of moral distress on clinicians and presented creative and practical ways to cope with these situations. Participants were given an opportunity to write about their experiences. Some participants were able to share their experiences and discuss their personal ethical dilemmas with the group.

Participants found Lesindrini engaging, entertaining and an expert in his field. We can't wait to have him come speak again soon.

Thank you to the sponsors: Atlanta Oxygen, Brightstar, Delmar Gardens of Smyrna, Hospice Advantage, and Metro Ambulance.

Attendees enjoying the resource fair at the End of Life Symposium

Social workers and case managers play many roles in their quest to empower clients.  One critical role is that of referring clients to appropriate resources.  How can social workers and case managers stay informed regarding available resources in an environment that is ever changing?  This informative all-day workshop will cover the basics (Medicaid, SNAP, Social Security Disability, etc.) as well as introduce participants to some lesser known resources (such as Circus Arts therapy and Hippotherapy).  Participants will have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and will leave with a better understanding of how to access various resources in our community.

Participants will hear about new initiatives and special programs from the Atlanta Prosperity Campaign and Georgians for a Healthy Future. They will also learn more about disability rights in GA from Joe Sarra of Childkind, social security disability from a GA Disability Attorney Lisa Smith Seigel, and the Behavioral Health Link.

Additionally, an overview of unique resources and interventions will be discussed.

Social workers, case managers, and other clinicians will leave this day with a wealth of new resources from the Atlanta community. The event will be held at Piedmont Hospital's Rich Auditorium on March 22, 2013 from 8 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Social workers and CCMCs will receive 6 clinical hours.

More event information is available here.


The Fountainview Center hosted a two-hour ethics CEU on the Ethics of Dementia Care on February 28, 2013. We had a full house with almost 60 social workers, case managers, and licensed professional counselors.

Moira Keller, LCSW from Piedmont Hospital's Sixty Plus, presented on the Ethics of Dementia Care. She discussed the history of dementia and bioethics. She compared the Fairhill Guidelines with the Alzheimer's Associations Ethical Guidelines. Additionally, she outlined possible ethical dilemmas that social workers, case managers, family, and other caregivers may face at different stages within the dementia process. She also discussed ethical lying and when this was appropriate to use in a practice setting.

A big thank you to the event's sponsors: The Fountaiview Center, Hurley Elder Care Law, Assisted Living Locators, Sunrise Senior Living, LivHOME, and Crossroads Hospice.

On 5/11, about 170 social workers, case managers, nurses, chaplains and other healthcare professionals learned about End of Life Care at our "End of Life Symposium Part 2" at Piedmont's Richard Rich Auditorium.  Our keynote speaker, Cameron Svendsen, LCSW,  joined us from AZ and was able to both educate and entertain the participants on Family Dynamics, Ethics and Cultural Diversity in End of Life Care.  Following these presentations, we were fortunate to have Dr. Paul DeSandre, Attending Faculty from Emory Healthcare Hospice & Palliative Care to present on discussing the prognosis at the End of Life with patients and families.  Finally, we ended the day with a dynamic multidisciplinary panel discussion about helping patients and families at the very end of life.

End of Life Symposium Panel End of Life Symposium Panel


Dr. Paul DeSandre presents on Prognosis in End of Life Care Dr. Paul DeSandre presents on Prognosis in End of Life Care


Cameron Svendsen, LCSW, joins us from Arizona to present on End of Life Care Cameron Svendsen, LCSW, joins us from Arizona to present on End of Life Care


Attendees enjoying the resource fair at the End of Life Symposium Attendees enjoying the resource fair at the End of Life Symposium


Setting up for the big event Setting up for the big event


Grady Medical Ethicist, Jason Lesandrini presented on Ethics and Healthcare Surrogacy to a packed house at Delmar Gardens of Smyrna on 4/26. This fun, interactive presentation received rave reviews from participants. The audience members remained engaged throughout the presentation as Mr. Lesandrini presented case scenarios and then moderated discussions around the different scenarios.

Another Packed House for a CEU Concepts Event Another Packed House for a CEU Concepts Event

Engaged participants Engaged participants

The CEU/fundraiser raised almost $3,000 for the LBDA!!!!

Successful fundraiser for Lewy Body Dementia Association Successful fundraiser for Lewy Body Dementia Association

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Patient & Family Centered Care (PFCC) CEU Event

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CEU Concepts was so excited to bring the team of experts from GA Health Sciences Health System (formerly the Medical College of GA) to present to a packed house of over 100 social workers, case managers and discharge planners on the Patient and Family Centered Care (PFCC) Model. These distinguished presenters have been featured on PBS, NBC and ABC – all highlighting their PFCC Best Practices Approach. This PFCC Approach is now part of the new Joint Commission Standards with some states having mandatory “Patient Advisory Boards” in hospitals/healthcare settings. In addition, this esteemed group consults with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, The Institute for Patient and Family Centered Care, the Case Management Society of America, the Veteran’s Administration and the Department of Defense. Another highlight of the CEU was our Resource Fair which consisted of all different members of the sponsor organization – National Aging in Place Council – Atlanta Chapter.

NAIPC sponsor tables

Meeting the NAIPC sponsors NAIPC Resource Fair

Meet-n-greet with NAIPC Sponsors Great information at the NAIPC Resource Fair!

Principles and Practices of Patient & Family Centered Care (PFCC) presentation Capacity crowd for our PFCC Full Day CEU sponsored by NAIPC!

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Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU

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Lois Robley, RN, PhD, who has been named a Distinguished Scholar in Ethics and teaches college level ethics courses at Kennesaw State University’s Wellstar School of Nursing, presented our “Anatomy of an Ethics Committee” at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital on January 26, 2012. We had another full event of over 100 healthcare professionals who learned from Dr. Robley’s unique perspectives on ethics committees. Dr. Robley has also authored numerous peer-reviewed publications on ethics that have appeared in textbooks and journals such as Nursing in Critical Care. The CEU event was proudly sponsored by Wellstar.

Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU

Speaker at Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU Speaker at Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU

Capacity crowd at Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU Capacity crowd at Anatomy of an Ethics Committee CEU

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Integrating/Transitioning Care Event

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Our kickoff CEU event of 2012 was at Gwinnett Medical Center and featured Dr. Alan Bier, Executive VP & Chief Medical Officer at Gwinnett Medical Center as our keynote speaker who presented on Care Transitions. Dr. Bier focused on different elements of the Coleman Model as well as a pilot program they are using at Gwinnett Medical Center to improve patient outcomes and reduce readmissions to the hospital. This was followed by our popular TeachBack CEU presented by John Butler, BA, MS and Randy McDonald, RN of Family Private Care.

Integrating/Transitioning Care Event Integrating/Transitioning Care Event

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Healthcare Reform Part II

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As a follow up to our wildly popular August Healthcare Reform CEU event - we featured a “Demystifying Healthcare Reform: Beyond the Basics” at Piedmont Hospital’s Richard Rich Auditorium in Nov, 2011. Back by popular demand, Anton Gunn, MSW and Regional Director of the Region IV Office of the US Department of Health and Human Services presented a brief overview of the Affordable Care Act and took questions from the audience. We also had Tim Stack, President and CEO of Piedmont Healthcare who presented on “My Role in Georgia’s Healthcare Exchange Committee”. A highlight of the day for the CEU Concepts’ team was when we overheard Mr. Stack calling for more chairs to be brought in “for the standing room only crowd” of over 150 attendees at this extremely popular and informative event!!


Healthcare Reform Part II CEU Healthcare Reform Part II CEU

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Healthcare Reform Nuts and Bolts

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August, 2011 we ventured into some new territory and brought in a panel of Senators and State Representatives to discuss Healthcare Reform in GA as part of our “Healthcare Reform Nuts and Bolts” CEU event. Representatives Chuck Martin, Pat Gardner and Valerie Clark and Senators Renee Unterman and Curt Thompson all participated in a lively, open discussion (including audience questions and feedback) on Healthcare Reform in GA. Kicking off the day, Anton Gunn, MSW and Regional Director of the Region IV Office of the US Department of Health and Human Services provided us with a Healthcare Reform Overview and basics on the Affordable Care Act. We also had Cindy Zeldin (Executive Director of Georgians for a Healthy Future) and Tim Sweeney (Senior Healthcare Analyst at the Georgia Budget and Policy Institute) to provide additional details on Healthcare Reform in GA. This informative day of learning received rave reviews to a packed crowd of over 140 participants!

Georgia Legislators on CEU Panel Georgia Legislators on CEU Panel

Moderating panel discussion of Healthcare Reform Moderating panel discussion of Healthcare Reform


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