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ODL 248: Why You are Doing Self-Care Wrong and What You Can Do About It

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Created on 05/10/2023

Target Audience:

This course is targeted for social workers, case managers, nurses, and counselors.


Professionals in helping industries are known for giving to others at great personal cost.  A study in 2005 showed a burnout rate of 39%.  Unfortunately, the pandemic only added to this.  A study in 2021 showed a burnout rate of 63.7%.  One of the best ways to battle burnout is to practice self-care.  Unfortunately, but understandably, many people adopted self-care routines that added to their burnout.  During this event, participants will learn data on the current trends in burnout amongst helping professionals.  Additionally, we will explore what self-care is not and examine how things such as watching Netflix and scrolling social media accentuate burnout and stress.  Lastly, we will review what self-care is and discuss practices and habits to improve self-care.  Participants will come away with actionable information to improve their self-care.

Course Objectives:

By the end of the session – the participant will be able to:

  • Describe burnout and its causes
  • Define self-care
  • Identify activities that masquerade as self-care but are actually detrimental
  • Identify healthy self-care practices and habits


David Williamson

David Williamson has over twenty years of experience in social work.  Over that time he has worked in child protective services, hospice, dialysis and hospital based social work/case management.  In addition, David has ten years experience in progressive leadership roles within the hospital setting and currently serves as a director of case management and patient logistics.  David is a Licensed Master Social Worker and also holds an MBA.

David is passionate about self-care and personal growth.  He spends time at work mentoring and coaching other leaders to grow professionally as well as personally.  He started Soaring Mindset in 2021 after years of working with others as a coach and mentor.  David desires to see others to know their why and live their purpose.

When not working his full time position or his life coaching job, David enjoys spending time with his wife and four children.  He enjoys hiking, photography, reading and learning new things.


Social Workers
ASWB ACE – 1 CE Credit
New York State Education Department’s State Board for Social Work – 1 Contact Hour
Case Managers
CCMC – 1 Contact Hour
California Board of Registered Nursing – 1 Contact Hour
NBCC ACEP – 1 Contact Hour
New York State Education Department’s State Board for Mental Health Practitioners – 1 Contact Hour

Please make sure to check with your own state board to ensure the transferability of CE credit for an asynchronous course. Some state boards may place restrictions regarding the modality of training required for ethics credits to be awarded. If this training indicates ethics credits are available, please verify that your state allows them to be earned through an on-demand course format.