ODL 222: Applying Watson’s Theory of Caring for Self-Care


As those of us who work in the helping profession realize, vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue are very real and debilitating syndromes – that can leave us feeling drained, depressed and physically sick with a multitude of other issues. Therefore, it is critical that we take care of ourselves in order to care for our clients, patients and families.  This course is presented by Kelly Dyar, Nurse and Educator – who will review vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue, Watson’s Theory of Human Caring, and the professional ethical standards that are relevant in discussing self-care.  Caring science, which guides the theory, provides an ethical and moral way of approaching caring-healing relationships, and is the essence of the healthcare profession.  The theory is broken into 10 Caritas Processes that promote healing, honor wholeness, and contribute to evolving humanity.  Thus, this presentation will not only introduce Watson’s theory and Caritas Processes, but will focus on how each learner can incorporate the theory into professional practice and personal habits for self-care.